Return policy in the area of online payments.

Online payments made via PayPal, debit/credit card or any other online platform are eligible for an online payment discount of 2% of the total order amount. However, if the order is requested to be returned, the payment will be reimbursed by deducting the amount of the coupon or other discount offer used by the customer at the time of ordering (i.e. the final total amount at the time of ordering).

In addition, courier charges for returns will be applied in accordance with the return policy.

If the product is not as described or pictured on display.
In case of natural damage to the product upon delivery.
If a return is requested due to dislike of the product or size change, the customer will be required to pay the return fee to the courier who received the product.

All discount offers or coupons will be frozen at the total amount, regardless of whether the order is accepted or returned at the customer's request. The refundable amount will be calculated for the amount paid at the time of order after calculating each item separately.

Important Note.

Those customers requesting any returns will be charged $10 per pickup, which will be deducted when your Login Wallet account is funded.
We do not accept any returns on items purchased from any promotions or sales. Items that are not part of a promotion will only be accepted.

For your convenience, we have mentioned a few points that customers often ask when requesting a return.

1. if you do not like the product" or "its quality" or "change your mind.

If you do not like the product, its quality, or if you change your mind about any product or complete order, in which case you will need to pay shipping costs for both parties, even if shipping is free.
If any promotional coupon code is applied to any order and a return is requested, in this case the discounted price will be refunded to your login wallet account.
After deducting shipping charges, the remaining amount of the order will be transferred to your PACKETS.

JUSTCUBAN.COM products are packed by the manufacturer after a complete quality and damage inspection. Opened/installed/disassembled products will not be accepted for return as they cannot be repackaged.
There is no cash refund policy.

2. Damaged items, incorrect items or missing items.

If you receive an order with any errors, damaged items, or missing items that you ordered, please notify us as early as possible within 7 days via our customer service line.
Once the damaged or incorrect item is received, we will arrange for a courier to pick it up. Our warehouse team will carry out an inspection. After inspecting the damaged or incorrect item, we will send you a replacement item accordingly. The same applies to missing items.

3. Products/orders that cannot be returned.

If the item or the packaging of the product is missing, in this case the order will not be returned.
For hygiene reasons, underwear, lingerie, swimwear, beachwear or cosmetics cannot be returned.
Used/refurbished items or items with torn/removed tags and items found to be soiled will not be considered for return.

Note: Original shipping costs are non-refundable