Star Ceiling Kit

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Pattern: Dots (202 pcs)

Dots (202 pcs)
Stars (211 pcs)
Both (413 pcs)



Star Ceiling Kit

✔︎ GLOW IN THE DARK STARS: Bring the bedroom to life with this glow in the dark stars kit. Turn your child’s boring bedroom into a nighttime globe of beautiful constellations that can spark the imagination and intrigue the mind of any kid and teen.

✔︎ USE OUR LIGHT UP STAR STICKERS AS A TEACHING TOOL: Every moment is an opportunity to teach your child something new. With the Star Ceiling Kit, you can teach them about the solar system in a fun and unique way. Not only will your children love the looks of glow in the dark wallpaper stars, they’ll love learning about a whole new part of the world.


✔︎ A SOFTER ALTERNATIVE TO A NIGHT LIGHT: Night lights have a tendency to be too luminous and that can mess with your child’s natural sleeping patterns. Many studies show bright light in a room jeopardizes natural REM cycles. With our stars, you still get a phosphorescent, soft glow but one that is much less bold or obnoxious. The subtly of our product offers the perfect amount of ambiance without interfering with sleep.

✔︎ SUPERIOR IN QUALITY AND LONG LASTING POWER: The Star Ceiling Kit fluorescent stars are made from premium materials, unlike many of the other stars you may find around. Our star wall stickers for bedrooms use a self adhesive that has a firm grip and the stickers will glow much brighter and longer than their cheap counterparts. Comprised of a photoluminous proprietary blend, you will be blown away at just how twinkly and magical these stickers look.


✔︎ BE CREATIVE: These heavy duty, long lasting 3D domed stickers can be placed throughout the room and utilized to make different designs like spelling your child’s name on the wall or designing hearts over your baby’s crib. You can even use these bright stickers for room decor, putting them on door handles and drawers so people can navigate their way around in the dark. The possibilities are endless and your kids will have a blast joining in on the fun.


  • DOTS pattern: 110 Small pcs + 80 Medium pcs + 12 Big pcs
  • STARS pattern: 105 Small pcs + 90 Medium pcs + 16 Big pcs
  • Can be applied to any smooth and clean surfaces such as walls, doors, windows, closet, etc.