Sanrico™ Scribing Tool

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Sanrico Scribing Tool

✔︎ A MUST HAVE TOOL: The Sanrico™ Scribing Tool is an easier and more efficient way to instantly duplicate any shapes. Precisely creates an instant template for curved and irregular-shaped objects.


✔︎ PRECISE SHAPE DUPLICATION: An easier way to duplicate various shapes with precision, the Sanrico™ Scribing Tool is ideal for tiles fitting, laminate and carpet cutting, ceramic, and tool mold taking, etc.


✔︎ EASY TO USE Position your drawing implement anywhere along the length of the Sanrico™ Scribing Tool body for the maximum range of scribing options. This tool accommodates any pen, pencil, or other specialist marker ranging from 2mm -- 12mm diameter so you can continue to use the one you prefer. 


✔︎ SAVE TIME & MONEY: The accuracy and versatility of the Sanrico™ Scribing Tool mean less time spent marking out and less likelihood of making mistakes.


✔︎ PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: This gadget allows you to duplicate surfaces easily. Using  Sanrico™ Scribing Tool will provide you professional results at any time thanks to the perfect size of this tool. The free-rolling action will avoid damage to finished surfaces.


✔︎ ANY PROFILE: The Sanrico™ Scribing Tool is perfect for scribing very complex profiles such as skirting, architraves, stone walls, fitted cupboards, under stair storage, window seats, wall paneling, ensuring you get the perfect fit each time. Even the most complex surfaces can be replicated onto your material with speed and accuracy. For greater precision, the easy-glide tip is also perfect for scribing profiles such as skirting and architraves. 


✔︎ ANY MATERIAL: Our Sanrico™ Scribing Tool works perfectly on stones, wood, glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, or any other material that needs a precision fit.




✔︎ ADJUSTABLE & LOCKING FEATURE: The tightness can be adjusted according to your needs. It is especially suitable for drawing the outline of irregular and complex objects. It can be locked and fixed after each adjustment to ensure precision accuracy.


✔︎ BOTH ENDS CAN BE USED: Designed with pulley end and pointer end, both ends can be used. Smoother drawing with pulley end, while accurate and easy drawing with pointer end. The pencil clip can be moved up and down, which is convenient for exchanging the shape end.



  • Material: Metal + ABS
  • Dimensions: 9.2” x 1.4” x 1.1” (233 x 35 x 27mm)



  • 1 x Sanrico™ Scribing Tool