Sanrico™ Paint Tripods

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Kit: 10 pcs

10 pcs
30 pcs



Paint Tripods

✔︎ A MUST HAVE: Sanrico™ Paint Tripods is a tool that allows you to securely elevate your project of the work surface with minimal contact. Allowing painted, stained or glued projects to be completed in one session with less mess and great results. 


✔︎ INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Our Sanrico™ Paint Tripod is designed with a rounded blunt point tip so they do not damage your workpiece like sharp-pointed styles.


✔︎ EASY TO USE: This painter's tool is amazingly durable, versatile, and reusable. It can be used to paint anything you want. The minimalist design makes painting with rollers, paint sprayers, or brushes ideal, ensuring full coverage of painting with the first coat. 


✔︎ SAVE TIME & EFFORT: Paint an entire object (the top, bottom, and sides) without having to wait for the paint to dry or sacrificing any quality. This little gadget eliminates the problem of the project sticking to the work surface (tarp, newspaper, etc...). The non-stick point makes only minimal contact with the object being painted so touch-ups aren’t required.


✔︎ WIDE USAGE: Great addition to any contractor or homeowners toolbox, this amazing tool is perfect for painting cabinet doors, shutters, furniture, crafts, moldings, etc... 


✔︎ LOCK AND TAB SYSTEM: The new and improved lock and tab system allow tripods to be easily secured to your work surface or each other. 



✔︎ STRONG: These strong Sanrico™ Paint Tripods can support up to 200 pounds, unwieldy items, and can be maneuvered into multiple positions to match the shape of the item being painted. 


  • Material: ABS
  • Product Size: 2.5"



  • 10 or 30 x Sanrico™ Paint Tripods