Libiyi Magical Metal Windmill



Whimsical Wind Sculpture Transforms Your Patio into Fairy Garden

Beverly PalmerMarch 16, 2022

This is the best garden art ideas of 2022 that has gone viral across the world, literally.

As the weather warms up, it’s that time of year when lounging and dining moves outdoors.

We’ve always loved our gardens, patios and balconies, and take so much joy in cultivating our outside spaces.

Traditional flower decoration are stereotyped. People aren't fancying them anymore and they've become unpopular...

Now the new popular trend of the garden decoration has arrived! – An artist-crafted, whimsical wind sculpture that breaks the rules.

Nobody knows who did it first, but soon thousands of people started adding one and sharing with their neighbors. They uploaded them to social media and soon EVERYONE wanted one in their garden!

Now, this garden ornament has taken off - Literally - across the world!

What are we talking about?

It’s the Libiyi Magical Metal Windmill – the coolest and most popular garden decoration trend now.

This 3D Kinetic Wind-Powered Sculpture is originate from the idea of an American modern artist, Anthony Howe, whose sculptures attract our senses in a powerful way as soon as we lay eyes on them.

If you are in front of it, you will absolutely feel surprised.

As chilly breeze picks up, it spins in the wind like a beautiful jelly fish swimming freely on the air – The pieces assume a spare, linear elegance, as well as featuring dynamic aesthetics.

Just a little bit of wind makes this spinner come alive in a garden of vivid colors.

Unique silverware wings clink and twirl in the wind. Motion and sound combine to make colorful and creative art pieces come alive.

If you want to spice up an otherwise boring or normal landscape, look no further! Libiyi Magical Metal Windmill is definitely the one you want. 

Feel, hear and see how art interacts with the wind in this one of a kind garden decoration!

How Does it Work?

Unlike traditional wind spinners comes with a single blade that spins in one direction, the Libiyi features a solid metallic construction with dual wind motion.

Eighteen balanced wings rotating in the wind around a circular axle, it shows you the horizon through a dynamic hole that appears and disappears constantly.

Each blade of this wind spinner is designed to spin in different directions, ball bearing construction allows the Libiyi to quietly spin even in the slightest breeze.

What makes people crazy about it?

✅ Long-lasting Piece of Art

Constructed with durable iron metal components and a long-lasting combo finish of paint and foil, it is a colourful addition to any garden.

✅ Weather Resistant

This kinetic metal wind spinner comes with ball bearing construction and a stable stake at the base, which is built to withstand all weather, sturdy and durable.

✅ Super Easy to Install

No additional wiring! This gardening decoration is easy to assemble with the instructions - simply position it in a sunny location with the metal stake and enjoy!

✅ Save Energy and Environmental-Friendly

It is 100% wind powered so no electricity is needed.

Some Questions We've Had

Q: Live in the southwest, will the paint colors stand up to excessive summer heat 100+ degrees without bubbling or pealing off?

I live in the NW and have had 2 summers with it and colors are still great. 1st year summer was 100 and second summer was 98.

Q: Can the height of the spinner be adjusted to lower?

You could remove the middle section of the metal post to make it shorter. The sections of pipe could be inter changible.

Q: All parts solid metal?

All parts is metal. It is very sturdy.

Q: Will the wind spinner rotate in both directions?

It spins in every direction the wind blows. The wheels rotate independently and it turns both directions to take advantage of every wind there is.

Q: How do you secure it so it doesn’t fall over the wind?

The bottom post has 2 spiked feet that you stand on to drive them into the ground. Very firm and stable!

People are raving about it:

“This is fantastic! We just had a bad storm with Hurricane force winds and there was no damage at all to this spinner. I have a number of different spinners of different types and brands and the quality of this one really stands out.”

- Richard Meyer

“Strikingly beautiful and exceptionally well made! My wife loves it. She sits in her backyard and watches it whole day. Very relaxing to watch!!”

- Tara Phillips

“After trying a couple of the spinners, we tried this one. It is very well made, extremely attractive and adds so much to the landscape apparently. I have no doubt that I will have it for many seasons.”

- Steve Troise

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