EasyRuler™ Pro Ruler

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Type: Right Angle Ruler

Right Angle Ruler
T-Square Ruler



PowerPlanter Auger Drill

✔︎ NO MORE INACCURATE MEASUREMENT : Drawing a line with a conventional ruler is inaccurate when you are looking from the side. Well, Pro Ruler has micro-fine marking holes that lets you mark your measurement accurately.

✔︎ AS FINE AS 0.25MM: Pro Ruler has tiny holes and slits that enables you to make a dot or mark a line with accuracy to within a hair’s breadth! The scale, being indented and etched in black, is easy to read.


✔︎ LOCATE YOUR PENCIL POINT EXACTLY ON TARGET WITH ZERO UNCERTAINTY: Select the proper slits or tiny holes, insert a mechanical pencil and mark the measurement instantly with dead-on accuracy.

✔︎ MARK ON THE TOP, EDGE & CORNERS EASILY: The Right Angle Ruler is what you need for layout and measurement along the edge of a board or other work piece. The two-scale surfaces let you mark and measure on the top, edge, and corners simultaneously!



  • Right Angle Ruler length: 7" (180mm)
  • T-Square Ruler length: 12" (300mm)