Sanrico™ Adjustable Hole Saw

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Punching Saw

✔︎ ADJUSTABLE DIAMETERS: The Sanrico™ Adjustable Hole Saw features adjustable diameters from 1-3/4" to 5-1/8", which makes it possible to cut holes of different diameters with just one tool, saving you money and space.


✔︎ FINE & CLEAN CUTS: The three triple tooth blades can saw through plasterboard and softwood boards with ease, and ensure fine and clean cuts with their special, straight-set toothing. With this handy tool, your DIY work may look like a professional's job with its expert precision of cutting perfect circles. 


✔︎ EASY TO USE: The size is set in three simple steps: Loosen the middle 3 screws, then adjust the diameter of the hole you want, and finally tighten the 3 screws to start drilling. The integrated millimeter scale as well as further scales for standard installation diameters help you find the right radius at a glance.


✔︎ SAVE MONEY: The Sanrico™ Adjustable Hole Saw allows you to cut different hole sizes with just one tool. Buying multiple blades in different sizes consumes a lot of money and space, but, with this amazing item you can fully practice your skills in cutting clean, perfect holes with a unique blade. 


✔︎ WIDE APPLICATION: Our Sanrico™ Adjustable Hole Saw is a very practical tool for carpenters, home decorators, contractors, professionals and DIY owners for embedded lights, ceiling speakers, vents and other hole cutting applications.



✔︎ COMPATIBLE TOOLS: The Sanrico™ Adjustable Hole Saw is suitable for all standard electric drills and cordless screwdrivers!


✔︎ PORTABLE AND HANDY: Who says handy tools are less efficient than the bigger ones? This Sanrico™ Adjustable Hole Saw will prove you wrong! This small but awesome tool is the perfect handyman buddy when doing renovations or fixing messy woodwork.

✔︎ STORAGE FRIENDLY: Unlike other power tools, this Adjustable Punching Hole Saw Drill Bit is easy to store. As it is handy and compact, keeping this tool in your storage area will never be a problem. You can maximize your extra space and store other trinkets as well.



  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Cutting depth: 1-3/16" (30mm)



  • 1 x   Sanrico™ Adjustable Hole Saw