Waterproof LED Lights Set (4 pcs)

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Waterproof LED Lights Set (4 pcs)

✔︎ ENJOY YOUR HOME: Your entertaining space has way more potential than you think. So why let a drab and dark backyard, patio, or rec room turn off your guests...

✔︎ EASY TO USE: Using the EFX LED light is incredibly simple. Place them wherever you want. They are battery powered, so no extra wiring or fancy electrical work is required. Use the included remote control to turn the EFX LED on or off, and select one of the sixteen colors.

✔︎ MAKE YOUR HOME LOOK AMAZING: It's fully immersible, so toss a few in the pool, fountains, hot tub, flower vase, fish tank- wherever you choose (indoors or outdoors). Then sit back & smile as your friends rave about how amazing your place looks.



  • No Installation Required (Wireless & portable)
  • Remote Control Included (Point & click simple)
  • 16b Colors + Dimmer (Shuffles the colors too)
  • Waterproof: IP68 Rated (Go ahead, dunk it!)
  • Compact & Crush Proof (Use it for years)
  • 10 Bright LED Lights in Each Disc (Wow, just wow)
  • Built To Last
  • Ridiculously Fun
  • Ultra Affordable
  • Set of 4 pcs