Grinder Chain Disc

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Size: ⌀4" + ⌀5" + FREE ebook

⌀4" + ⌀5" + FREE ebook
⌀ 4"
⌀ 5"



SANRICO Grinder Chain Disc

✔︎ CONVENIENT: The Sanrico™ Grinder Chain Disc for angle grinder is an ideal tool for cutting, sanding, providing a smooth "finished" surface, grooving, and engraving. 


✔︎ EASY TO USE: The Sanrico™ Grinder Chain Disc is used on disc or angle grinders. It is held in place between two steel plates which provide a secure grip for carving. Regardless of grain or knots, the blade cuts through the material with ease to the user.


✔︎ WIDE RANGE OF USAGES: This amazing tool is ideal for carving and shaping wood such as plywood, laminate flooring, parquet (hardwood), particleboard, and also plastic, ice, rubber, and more. It can be used for furniture decoration, product modification, manual DIY, trimming, etc.


✔︎ DESIGNED FOR NOVICES AND PROFESSIONALS: The disc can be used in all directions and has an anti-kickback action. This is a major safety feature that virtually eliminates kickback and binding.


✔︎ SAVE TIME AND EFFORT: This great item is a nice way to remove a large amount of wood in a short period of time. Thanks to the speed and maneuverability this tool will save you time and effort while cutting, carving, removing, and sculpting wood, plastics, ice, and hard rubber. 


✔︎ SAFETY OF USE: If the blade hits a nail or wire on the wood during use, it will cut the obstacle in most cases. Otherwise, the impact will cause the chain to stop as the disc rotates, thereby alerting the user to stop the angle grinder.





✔︎ HI-QUALITY MATERIAL: This powerful tool is made of high-quality material so it will not overheat even used for a long time. 


✔︎ CHAIN FEATURES: The chain consists of consecutive left and right teeth. All our blades have twice the amount of regular teeth resulting in the blade powering its way through the hardest of woods and other soft nonferrous materials.



  • Diam. 4" Model size: Diam.: 4" - Arbor: 5/8"
  • Diam. 5" Model size: Diam.: 5" / Arbor: 7/8"