Portable ChainSaw

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Portable ChainSaw

✔︎ LENGTH MATTERS: Our saw has a full longer, thicker 24" chain. The bi-directional, self-cleaning chainsaw style cutting teeth tears through wood cutting both ways! Made of high 65 mn high carbon heat-treated steel, the longer chain equals incredibly fast cutting time with razor-sharp blades sawing 3 sides of a limb at once...clearly outclassing the competition.

✔︎ QUALITY DOES COUNT!: Our saw rips through anything from thin branches to large tree trunks in seconds. Cuts overhead branches with ease. Our Saw has heavy duty rugged handles and can easily be re-sharpened, unlike other sharp pointed pocket saws. Our Pocket Chainsaw comes with a tough nylon front snap storage pouch and belt loop. It can be sharpened with a regular 5/32 round chainsaw file. Perfect Multitool for all your Bushcraft needs.

✔︎ EASY TO USE: Just attach it to a rope: for hard to reach branches.

✔︎ HEAVY-DUTY MILITARY TOUGH: Ultimate tool for outdoors enthusiasts, around the yard pruning and trimming when a ladder won’t reach. End links riveted with brass rings to protect against fraying, so you can easily attach your choice of ropes to extend reach.

✔︎ PERFECT SURVIVALIST TOOL: Lightweight, portable 24 inches saw chain easily stows in your backpack or camping gear. You won’t want to leave this “can’t do without a tool at home” on your next camping, hunting, hiking, or biking trip.

✔︎ SAVE MONEY: Save Hundreds of Dollars on Tree Service with Our DIY High Limb Cutting Kit chainsaw.


  • Weight: 140g
  • Chain Length: 24in
  • Material: High strength manganese steel alloy
  • Rope Length:393.7in
  • Rope Material: Polyester/Polypropylene

  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Portable ChainSaw
    • 2 x Handles
    • 1 x Pocket Bag
    • 2 x 393.7" Ropes


✔︎ HOW-TO:
Portable ChainSaw is very handy when you find yourself away from home and the need for cutting wood is absolutely necessary for survival purposes. For example, when you’re out camping and you need to cut wood to make a fire or perhaps you find yourself on a trail with your horse or ATV and a fallen tree is blocking your path. Or even worse, you find yourself in a major disaster and need to build a shelter. Our world-class quality saw is extremely lightweight, portable, and flexible. Our saw is designed to cut through the hardest of wood easily in tight places and specially treated to help prevent rust and corrosion. This saw can be used by anyone!