Butterfly Anchor Screw Kit (200 pcs)

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Butterfly Anchor Screw Kit (200 pcs)

✔︎ A MUST HAVE: The Butterfly anchor screw kit is one of the easiest solutions for attaching objects to hollow walls. When a screw is installed, it locks the legs in place ensuring a tight hold against the back of the wall.  


✔︎ EASY TO INSTALL: This kit is so easy to use, you will only need less than five minutes to hang objects on your wall. Firstly, drill a hole in the hollow wall, and then turn the screw clockwise to the expansion pipe until it can not be screwed. 


✔︎ WIDE APPLICATION: The Butterfly anchor screw kit is widely used in the installation and fixing of light-weight hollow bricks, gypsum boards, curtains, lamps, cross-stitches, picture frames, TV stands, decorations, artworks, etc...

✔︎ STRONG: The special butterfly design increases the fixing force. The split in the ribbed anchors expands on two opposing sides as you tighten the screw which increased holding power.


✔︎ ANTI ROTATION TECHNOLOGY: The Butterfly anchor screw kit is designed with new anti-rotation technology, it does not rotate with the screws even in softer walls or drilled holes.


Wood Burr Grinder Disc


✔︎ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The plastic anchor is made of strong and durable material, which is not easy to break. 



  • Size: 3.70 x 3.20 x 0.70cm / 1.45 x 1.26 x 0.28 in
  • Screws size: suitable for 1/4in - 5/16in screws (M8)
  • Product material: Plastic



  • 1 x Butterfly Anchor Screw Kit MAXI KIT (200 pcs)